Canada Remembers the 65th Anniversary of the Korean War Postcards for Peace

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Postcard for Peace

The Korean War Armistice was signed on July 27, 1953. To recognize this important military milestone, Veterans Affairs Canada has created the Canada Remembers the 65th Anniversary of the Korean War – Postcards for Peacelearning activity in which youth are encouraged to send messages of appreciation to Korean War Veterans who served in the cause of peace and freedom.

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Learning outcomes

  • To help youth understand the significance of the sacrifices and achievements of Canada’s Veterans or Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members.
  • To link youth and Veterans or Canadian Armed Forces members in a personal way.


  • Distribute postcards to youth.
  • Explain briefly what a Veteran is and what CAF members do. Discuss the Korean War and the kinds of tasks our service members have been involved in over the years, both at home and overseas.
  • Encourage youth to write a message of appreciation, or have them write how they will remember the sacrifices and achievements of Korean War Veterans or currently serving CAF members.
  • Explain that these postcards are anonymous and no personal information should be used, such as their address.
  • Collect the postcards and ensure that they contain appropriate messaging before sending.
  • Send the postcards to a Korea Veteran Association of Canada Address or hand-deliver them.
  • You could also use the postcards in a display at your school or distribute the postcards to Korean War Veterans during a remembrance ceremony.

Thank you for your participation in this activity. Visit our anniversary feature page for lesson plans on the Korean War.Veterans Affairs Canada applauds your efforts to encourage youth to learn more about the importance of remembrance.

Addresses where postcards may be sent

  • Have youth write messages of thanks to Korean War Veterans and mail them to Korea Veterans Association (KVA) of Canada units across the country.
  • Alternatively, if you know a Korean War Veteran or a CAF member, write them personalized postcards and mail or hand-deliver them. Ask your students if they know any Veterans, young and old, or CAF members.

Remember that postage is at the sender’s expense.


Korea Veterans Association of Canada – Unit 42 Bathurst
645, Elmwood Lane
Newcastle, NB
E1V 3P6


Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Alphonse Martel
116 Cherrier Street
Repentigny (QC)
J6A 3Z7


Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Bill Campbell
123 Kingsmount Park Road
Toronto (ON)
M4L 3L6

Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Donald Sudden
41 Menno Street
Breslau (ON)
N0B 1M0

Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Doug Finney
246 Huntington Crescent
Courtice (ON)
L1E 3J5

Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Dave Davidson
12-280 Thaler Avenue
Kitchener (0N)
N2A 1R6

Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Andrew Barber
3250 Autumn Leaf Crescent
Mississauga (ON)
L5L 1K5

Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Bill Black
40 Millford Avenue
Nepean (ON)
K2G 1C2


Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Roly Soper
7027 Hunterwood Drive
Calgary (AB)
T2K 4J5


Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Art Lefever
871 Glengarry Crescent
Nanaimo (BC)
V9R 6P3

Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Peter Seiersen
3321 Majestic Drive
Courtenay (BC)
V9N 9X5


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