SS11-Writing and Citing

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To be a responsible scholar and provide authenticity to your work you must acknowledge your sources. Create a citation every time you quote an article, use an image, use ideas presented by another author, or reference another piece of work.

If you fail to cite your sources you invalidate your work and could even be plagiarizing! Penalties for plagiarizing are stiff, and could include being fired from a job, or expelled from a university.

Style Guide –by Owl Perdue
Owl Perdue has created detailed instructions to help you create your work cited page.

This is an example works cited page

Bibliography – Citation Worksheet
Document all the resources that you use for your project, fill in the details on this worksheet. Later, you will use these details to create your citations.   The more accurate your data is the better your work cited page will be

Citation Generator
When you are ready to create your works cited page you can use this tool to help you create your citations.

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