Term 1 Project Journal Assignment

Criminology 12                                                                                                              Mr. Boudreau


The objective of this assignment is to create a crime journal. Your research will be collected over the next three months. The purpose of this is to examine the wide variety of criminal activity that surrounds our society.

To begin, you should research newspapers for articles that are related to criminology so that you can learn about the most recent cases in criminal law. You may also wish to obtain information from news programs or the internet as well. Sources like The First 48, Dateline, The Fifth Estate or other documentaries, as well as web-based sources like Canadian Crime News (Zimbo) may be used if you accurately document the information they are presenting that is related to your focus for this journal.

Obtain recent newspapers and magazines from home, a neighbour, your school library, the Internet or television. The more current your source material is, the better.

Assignment Details

  1. With the first term, collect at least five articles that discuss or describe interesting aspects relating to criminology.
  2. Provide accurate citations for your resources, use the MLA format. Note: There will be a lesson on creating citations, but for now fill out the working bibliography worksheet.
  3. In your journal(find layout here), outline the most important information in the article. Look for the issues that are discussed by the author and any reference to legal terms and cases made in the article. Highlight the legal information that will help you understand your class work better and will provide a base of information that you can use in the discussions about law and in writing about the law.

If you choose to do part of this assignment by reviewing television, internet or radio news programs, begin by summarizing the important points in the news program, then respond to the programming in the manner outlined in point 5 below.

  1. Glue or tape the articles, or your summary of a news program, to pieces of lined or blank paper.
  2. Below each article, or on an attached page, write your responses to the information, issue and based in the article.
  3. These articles will be presented together in journal form, with a front cover.

Printable Assignment Worksheet

The Legal Research Process

The Legal Research Process  — detailed, easy to follow instructions for the legal research process.

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