Journal Review Details

The journal review  contains three components:


These will appear throughout each of your reviews. Anytime you quote your article or summarize a section you should use an in text citation. Further, if you are referencing something you learned in class you can cite a section of your textbook that deals with the topic, or an example from case law.


First, the summary of the article you are presenting. Your summary will explain the issues that are discussed in your source and should outline and explain the references to legal terms and cases made in the article.


Second, you will write a reflection that explains how the legal information presented in the article helps you understand your classwork better. It should also provide a base of information that you can use in the discussions, written and oral, about the law.



What will your final project look like?

Title page

Article -a printed version of your article in full, or a glued newspaper clipping, etc. This should include citations.

Review Your typed journal review.





Works Cited – a list of every source that you cited in your project. This includes the citations for the articles you reference and any resources that you referred to in support of your review.