E-Books and E-Readers

We have Kobo eReaders available to students, thanks to the French Immersion program. Any student may sign these out. At present we have several epub books installed. A unique feature of the ereaders is access to selfpublished content like fan fiction.

If you are interested come take a look.  We will also install any free epub books onto the devices for you! There are a variety of sources for free epub books. Browse the free content, when you find a book you are interested in send that link to the librarian and he will load it onto the eReader for you.

Sources for Free Books:

  • VIRL – a list of links to databases of free ebooks
  • Kobo — Has a lot of free books and free introductory chapters
  • Project Gutenburg — specializes in epubs from books in the public domain
  • FanFiction -free fan fiction

Submit an epub Request: