Magic Maze – A New Tabletop Game in the Library

After being stripped of all their possessions, a mage, a barbarian, an elf, and a dwarf are forced to go rob the local Magic Maze shopping mall for all the necessary equipment they need for their next adventure. They agree to pull off their heists simultaneously, then dash to the exits in order to evade the guards who eyed their arrival suspiciously.

In order to make this game accessible to people with altered color perception, each color is associated with a symbol. Whenever a color is mentioned, it can be identified by the corresponding symbol.

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New Tabletop Game: Ravine


Ravine is a strategic and cooperative survival card game. You and your friends survived the plane crash, but will you survive the night? Work together to forage for food, craft a fire, and build shelters, but be wary: every step you take in the ravine could be one step closer to madness.

During the Day, players risk their hearts to leave camp and forage for food and supplies. Before sunset, players work together, share what they found, and craft supplies. If you prepare well enough, you may survive the Night.

Be prepared for more than just bumps in the night. Weather, animals, and other wild things will put you and your team to the test. BEWARE: Fall below two hearts and you will go mad.

Lose all of your hearts to risk or the elements, and you lose the game. Survive all of the Night cards in your deck, and you win.

Canada Remembers the 65th Anniversary of the Korean War Postcards for Peace

Send your postcard today. Get yours in the library.


Postcard for Peace

The Korean War Armistice was signed on July 27, 1953. To recognize this important military milestone, Veterans Affairs Canada has created the Canada Remembers the 65th Anniversary of the Korean War – Postcards for Peacelearning activity in which youth are encouraged to send messages of appreciation to Korean War Veterans who served in the cause of peace and freedom.

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Learning outcomes

  • To help youth understand the significance of the sacrifices and achievements of Canada’s Veterans or Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members.
  • To link youth and Veterans or Canadian Armed Forces members in a personal way.


  • Distribute postcards to youth.
  • Explain briefly what a Veteran is and what CAF members do. Discuss the Korean War and the kinds of tasks our service members have been involved in over the years, both at home and overseas.
  • Encourage youth to write a message of appreciation, or have them write how they will remember the sacrifices and achievements of Korean War Veterans or currently serving CAF members.
  • Explain that these postcards are anonymous and no personal information should be used, such as their address.
  • Collect the postcards and ensure that they contain appropriate messaging before sending.
  • Send the postcards to a Korea Veteran Association of Canada Address or hand-deliver them.
  • You could also use the postcards in a display at your school or distribute the postcards to Korean War Veterans during a remembrance ceremony.

Thank you for your participation in this activity. Visit our anniversary feature page for lesson plans on the Korean War.Veterans Affairs Canada applauds your efforts to encourage youth to learn more about the importance of remembrance.

Addresses where postcards may be sent

  • Have youth write messages of thanks to Korean War Veterans and mail them to Korea Veterans Association (KVA) of Canada units across the country.
  • Alternatively, if you know a Korean War Veteran or a CAF member, write them personalized postcards and mail or hand-deliver them. Ask your students if they know any Veterans, young and old, or CAF members.

Remember that postage is at the sender’s expense.


Korea Veterans Association of Canada – Unit 42 Bathurst
645, Elmwood Lane
Newcastle, NB
E1V 3P6


Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Alphonse Martel
116 Cherrier Street
Repentigny (QC)
J6A 3Z7


Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Bill Campbell
123 Kingsmount Park Road
Toronto (ON)
M4L 3L6

Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Donald Sudden
41 Menno Street
Breslau (ON)
N0B 1M0

Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Doug Finney
246 Huntington Crescent
Courtice (ON)
L1E 3J5

Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Dave Davidson
12-280 Thaler Avenue
Kitchener (0N)
N2A 1R6

Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Andrew Barber
3250 Autumn Leaf Crescent
Mississauga (ON)
L5L 1K5

Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Bill Black
40 Millford Avenue
Nepean (ON)
K2G 1C2


Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Roly Soper
7027 Hunterwood Drive
Calgary (AB)
T2K 4J5


Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Art Lefever
871 Glengarry Crescent
Nanaimo (BC)
V9R 6P3

Korea Veterans Association of Canada
c/o Peter Seiersen
3321 Majestic Drive
Courtenay (BC)
V9N 9X5


Now is the time to really start promoting the main event:  Vancouver Island Children’s Book Festival on Saturday, May 12.


Billboards will be going up around town, Radio Ads, Social Media, Newpaper Press Release …. We can do our part to help advertise by:

  • promoting to classes as they come in to the Library
  • create a Display or Bulletin Board
  • Advertise on your own social media
  • send blurb in parent e-mail listserv
  • advertise to PAC
  • get the blurb into the April School Newsletter – submit this now (see LiveBinder)
  • hand out the bookmarks
  • ask teachers to write info into Planners (later this month)
  • advertise on the morning announcements (later this month)
  • *Posters will be uploaded to the LiveBinder as soon as they are available


Great opportunity for TEENS:

The Marrow Thieves


Republished from:

In the latest YA novel by Métis writer and editor Cherie Dimaline, the world has been ravaged by global warming. Cities have crumbled from the coastlines, “breaking off like crust,” and hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis have wiped out entire communities. Millions of people have lost their lives, and those who remain have endured trauma that has led to their inability to dream — with the exception of North America’s Indigenous peoples, who carry dreams in webs woven into their bone marrow.

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-New Graphic Novel Series- Spider Gwen

The library is continue to expand our graphic novel collection. This year we are adding titles like Spider Gwen, collected editions of TMNT, and some more obscure titles like Paper Girls

Issue 0 : Most Wanted

Prior to the Spider-Verse event (in which Spider-Gwen was introduced), Gwen Stacy’s father, George Stacy, was ordered as captain of the NYPD to hunt down and detain Spider-Woman, as she is considered a public menace. At the start of Spider-Gwen, Captain Stacy- currently unaware of Spider-Gwen’s secret identity as his daughter- is more than happy to do so. Upon hearing about this, Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin, one of New York’s most prominent crime bosses, decides to ally himself with Spider-Gwen- for reasons unexplained- and sends Matt Murdock (better known as Daredevil on Earth-616, the main comic book universe) a corrupt lawyer, to send the assassin Aleksei Sytsevichto kill Captain Stacy. During all of this, Gwen’s band, the Mary Janes, is about to play a concert- the first major one of their career as a band. Gwen arrives late just in time to see her father being attacked by the assassin and quickly dispatches him, but ends up being cornered at gunpoint by him. To avoid getting shot, she reveals to her father that she is Spider-Woman.

After the Spider-verse event Gwen goes back to her ordinary life of bumming around by day and Spider Woman-ing by night. Since Gwen revealed herself to her father he left the Spider Woman case and the investigation was passed on to detective Frank Castle. Gwen is also failing to meet the expectations of her friends and is living life one moment at a time. Suddenly the villain Vulture appears, secretly working for the King Pin: Matt Murdock, and causes trouble for Gwen (Spider Ham appears for a short time as a hallucination because of an attack). Gwen defeats Vulture and in the end he is put away, Murdock continuing to influence him from behind bars. Frank Castle increases his efforts against Spider Woman becoming more and more ruthless. Castle eventually makes a connection between Spider Woman and decides to enlists the help of Kraven the Hunter to perform a siege on the Stacy house. Castle and Kraven brutally beat down Gwen after she gets her father to safety. The volume concludes when Gwen decides to make a stand to Castle and not run any longer, blindsiding him as he unmasks her and getting away.

Vol 1: Greater Power

Gwen is now unsure of how secure her secret identity is as she hides from her father and awaits the recollection of Frank Castle. Her problems are put to the side when a Lizard appears on the streets, seemingly having taken something like Peter Parker’s formula. The dog of Spider-Gwen “arch-nemesis”, Bodega Bandit, is eaten by the Lizard. Tracking down the Lizard into the sewer, Spider Woman encounters a pack of Lizard men and fends them off with all her strength until finally Earth 65’s Captain America, Samantha Wilson, shows up to capture the Lizards and surprisingly Spider Gwen as well. Gwen battles furiously with Cap all while avoiding the Lizards as well up until Gwen saves Cap from the Lizards and gets leaves her on good terms (Gwen gifts Bodega Bandit a hamster named Pine Cone at this point as consolation for Bandito being eaten). After a quick chat with Jessica Drew of Earth 616, Gwen and The Mary Janes go on a camping trip where Harry Osborn makes a surprise appearance. He explains his connection with S.H.I.E.L.D. and his motive to go after Spider Woman. He appears nights later in a green mechanical suit accompanied by an army of orange robots to kill Spider Woman. After an issue-long battle, Harry sets off an explosion to even the playing field. As Gwen lies on the floor, Harry drinks a vial of the Lizard formula and unmasks her to his surprise. After an issue break from the fight of George Stacy conversing with Matt Murdock, Gwen resumes her fight with a now mutated Harry Osborn with the assistance of Captain America. Gwen eventually convinces Harry that he is in the wrong and allows him to run from S.H.I.E.L.D. Gwen in the end reconciles with her father and he quits his job.

-New Board Game- Pocket Imperium

War has erupted across the Imperium! Four spacefaring races struggle for supremacy, launching fleets of starships across the galaxy to battle for control of the most prosperous systems. Only one race will successfully Expand, Explore, Exploit and Exterminate their way to victory!

Pocket Imperium is a 4X microgame. Players will need to use the opportunities to expand, explore, exploit and exterminate to their best advantage. The timing of when to build fleets, when to explore the stars, and when to invade systems controlled by opponents will be crucial in their quest to rule the Imperium.

What’s more, in a crowded galaxy, players must choose wisely when to make alliances to bring down powerful enemies — and when to break those pacts to critically weaken their former allies!

-New Board Game- Codenames PIctures

What are these strange symbols on the map? They are code for locations where spies must contact secret agents!

Two rival spymasters know the agent in each location. They deliver coded messages telling their field operatives where to go for clandestine meetings. Operatives must be clever. A decoding mistake could lead to an unpleasant encounter with an enemy agent – or worse, with the assassin! Both teams race to contact all their agents, but only one team can win.

Codenames: Pictures differs from the original Codenames in that the agents are no longer represented by a single word, but by an image that contains multiple elements.

Legend Trilogy

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The book is set in the Republic of America, a police state located in the Western United States who has waged war against its eastern neighbor, the Colonies of America, since its creation in 2054. The country is led by the Elector Primo, who has rigged elections to rule for several decades, with the capital at Denver. Other than a huge gap between the rich and the poor, the country also mandates its citizens to partake in a Trial once they turn 10 years old to deem their fitness for the army; if they fail, the public is told they are sent to work in labor camps.

In Los Angeles, Daniel “Day” Altan Wing, a rebellious 15-year-old deemed as the most-wanted criminal in the country for having escaped the labor camps and done subversive actions, stages a failed attempt to steal a medicine from the Central Hospital for his younger brother, Eden Baatar, who is infected by a plague (released by the government to create biological weapons) that has caused their neighborhood’s quarantine. However, he ends up becoming accused of the death of Captain Metias Iparis. Metias’ younger sister, June “Junebug”, a 15-year-old prodigy and the only person to score perfectly in the Trial, seeks to find Day in revenge. Posing as a street urchin, she is saved from a wild Skiz fight by Day and his friend, Tess. Initially unaware, she falls in love with him, but when she discovers his identity, she informs the army to capture him and his family; when he rebels, Thomas Bryant, a friend of Metias and June, is ordered by Commander Jameson to murder his mother, Grace.

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