Research and Study Tools – Outils de recherche

Tools page for the school website

Mind Mapping Tool

Mind Up -Free mind mapping software, online

Story Board That

Digital storytelling, create storyboards to tell your story


Pros & Cons of controversial issues

How to Cite Social Media

Improved Google Searches

An infographic showing you how to do better Google searches

Google Search Infographic

Single page infographic for Google seaches

Boolean Searches Infographic

Boolean searches are used for searching databases.

Citation Generator

A tool that builds and converts between citation methods

Research Process: Inquiry and Others

Internet Searching

Primary and Secondary Sources

Website Evaluation

Note-Taking Tips and Tools

Citing Your Sources and Bibliographies

In-Text Citations (Parenthetical Documentation) and Endnotes and Footnotes

Using Quotation Marks and Writing Dialogue

Resources for Essay Writing: Process, Outline Sheets, Types of Essays, etc.

Plagiarism: What it is and How to Avoid It

Digital Citizenship

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